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We are Dominik (left) & Rok (right), 2 brothers who are passionately making all of those products you can see on this website.

2 brothers (Dominik & Rok) who help each other out. We have experiences in mechanical engineering, marketing, supply chains, organizational sciences and many more. Nature is our thing, which is why hiking, biking, water sports comes natural to us.



Hudwood started off with Kickstarter campaign, where we got many first supporters of our new brand. Unique handcrafted wooden wallets & carabiners were our first products to break the ice into entreprenuership with wooden products.

Wallet is unique form, like no other wallet and the wooden carabiners as well, are something we never saw before. Thats why we created it – to bring to life something original, we never saw before. That is the passion that is driving us toward creating our unique wooden products.

All of our products are made out of custom made plywood, which we specially make for our products. Layers and layers of wood are glued together to get unique structure and the strongness of our products. All products are finished with protective oil, so they will have the same look for a long time.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

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