ROSEWOOD Father & Son Grey

ROSEWOOD Father & Son Beige

ROSEWOOD Father & Son Red strap with blue dots

ZEBRANO  Father & Son Beige

ZEBRANO  Father & Son Black

ZEBRANO  Father & Son Green

WALNUT Father & Son Black

WALNUT Father & Son Red caro

WALNUT Father & Son Blue sky


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We will exchange every Hudwood (or its’ components) that are faulty. Drop us a line and preferably a picture and we will take care of it.

A 1 year warranty aplies to:
-broken or torn pieces which indicate they were not broken by mistreatment.

no warranty applies for:
-well used pieces -mistreated or abused pieces

Exchanges and returns
Returns/exchanges can be made on ground of:
-color preferences
-damaged good
-if no clear sign of use

WOOD BOW TIES– Minimalistic bow ties are for sure different from other bowties both in design and functions. The bow ties can be used on both sides with different look.

Each of bow tie may variate from the ones on the pictures, due to wood structure.

We have 3 different color versions of ROSEWOOD FULL bow ties.

  • Red strap with blue dots
  • Green
  • Blue

All the bow ties are produced out of 7 layers of different kind of woods, so it have totaly unique look. After handcrafting they are protected with finishing oil so they will have the same look for a long time.

Just received the products. Incredibly fast delivery! The quality is beyond my expectations, I love how simplistic and stylish the wallet is. The carabiner also fits nicely, I didn’t have high expectations for it as I thought It won’t be easy to attach/detach to jeans when wearing a belt, but in fact it just does with ease.
 I’m really happy that I’m contributing into this and I’m looking forward to buying more products of yours built with high quality stylish wood and aesthetics.
Ivan Prodanov

Very classy carabiner, excellent workmanship. Now I have a carabiner that goes with suits that my high tech looking ones clash with.

Hiram G Wells

I received my Wallet and carabiner in Colorado, USA today and I love the craftsmanship. they are both supurb! Love them!

Ian Stearns

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